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When There Are No Words… March 9, 2012

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Wednesday – March 7th

There are times in life when the words simply will not form.
When the pain is so excruciating,
So intense and unbearable that there is nothing to soothe it.
There are times when no matter how badly you wish you could help,
There is nothing anyone can do.
When the burden is crushing,
But you cannot share the load.
Because it quite simply is not your cross to bear.
But the pain of one person,
Touches all those who love them.
I lost a dream this week.
A niece or a nephew whom I fell in love with the moment that I heard they were expected.
The baby in my womb and all the fun they would have together;
Life long best friends.
They would have been so close in age,
And shared so much from the very beginning.
Now that is gone.
My poor sister.
My brother in-law,
Their heartbreak is so monumental,
Mine seems trivial in comparison.
But still,
I cannot dry the tears,
Or make this sense of loss go away.
This fear in the back of my heart,
That something else could go wrong.
It seems to cruel,
For a man and a woman to find out their dreams are about to come true,
Only for those dreams to be snuffed out like a candle,
Leaving only black smoke and darkness in its place.
Some instances there are no words,
To mend a broken heart.
Sometimes nothing changes the fact,
It just isn’t fair.
Why does this have to happen?
Why can’t what was just a few short weeks ago,
Such wonderful, happy news,
Have a happy ending?

No answers.
Just more questions.
And darkness,
And emptiness.
My heart breaks for my sister,
Who I love so much.
I just want to hold her and take her pain away,
And tell her it will be okay.
But I can’t.
Because I don’t know if it will be or not.
I don’t really know if everything will work out.
But I can keep hoping,
And praying that this is not the end.
This is the end of a chapter,
One filled with tears and pain and heartache.
But the end is far from near,
And the story of her life with her husband has a long way to go.
I will keep hoping for happiness,
And for light in this inky blackness.
I will keep praying for some kind of peace in this hurricane;
And for comfort for my beloved sister.
Because sometimes when there are no words for you and me to say,
All that remains is God.


Blessing 64: Love
-The kind that never ends, that families share, and husbands and wives…and for the small ounce of comfort that assurance holds.


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