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Beast Mode March 10, 2012

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Today was Anthony’s last soccer game,
And boy did he go out with a bang.
He ran as fast as his legs would carry him and played his little heart out,
And scored a whopping eleven goals!
So proud.
It surprised me a little how much I enjoyed being a “soccer mom,”
But it really was a great season and a wonderful time.
The chaos of the herd of little ones scrambling frantically after the ball,
The swell of enthusiasm from the sidelines as each players little cheering squad urges their child to get in the game.
The sound of shoes squeaking on the gym floor,
And their rosy cheeks and tiny beads of sweat of their foreheads.
The best part,
The part I don’t think I will ever forget,
Is the priceless look on Anthony’s face whenever he scored.
His brown eyes lit up and danced,
His smile was from ear to ear,
And every time he looked straight over at his daddy for affirmation he had done well.
And to see his daddy clap and smile,
That was all he needed to feel proud of himself.
It’s funny how we are like that;
No matter how excited we are about something,
We need someone we care about to reassure us,
Even with just a glance,
That we have a reason to feel great about ourselves.
“Beast Mode!”
Thats what my boys all say (which they learned from daddy) to describe someone kicking butt at anything really,
But especially sports.
Today our little guy was certainly a beast,
And I couldn’t be more proud.


Blessing 67: Competition
-Being competitive isn’t always a great thing, but it sure is a great way to make a kid feel great about hard work and a job well done.


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