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New Directions March 20, 2012

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Its been nine days since I last blogged,
Which basically means I have become a huge slacker in regards to this whole blogging everyday thing.
But lately, I just haven’t felt like writing.
Indiana has been experiencing some freakishly warm weather,
St. Patty’s day being 82 degrees just doesn’t happen,
So with that my boys and I have enjoying as much of the great outdoors as we possibly can.
When I started this blog
It was meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and feelings,
Me uncensored, if you will.
But I feel like it has turned into more of a journal with me documenting the mundane,
Every day junk that comes with motherhood.
Let’s be honest,
Diaper duty isn’t exactly a page turner.
Anyway, at this stage of my life,
I feel like I just do not have the time and energy to give this blog my all on a daily basis.
I am still going to write,
But not everyday.
I’m going to write about things that strike a cord with me,
And things that mean something.
So with that being said,
Now that the pressure is off a little,
Please check for many more entries,
As often as I possibly can.
I still love to write,
But the demands of three (soon to be four) kiddos under six,
I’m going to take a more laid back approach,
For my own mental sanity,
I need my blog to be something I love and not just another thing on my daily to-do list that I have to feel guilty about if I am too tired to do.
As always,
Thank you so much for reading.


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