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Real Moms May 13, 2012

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As yet another Mothers Day comes to a close,
I am reminded again just how blessed I truly am.
Three (soon to be four) amazing little boys who are convinced I have hung the moon,
And a wonderful husband who gave them to me that adores me, for all my flaws and short comings.
The concept of motherhood and what makes a mother great is something I ponder frequently.
What makes a mother a “good” mother?
What makes a mother “great”?
I wonder if I meet the standard,
And whose standard it is anyway.
I wonder if I do enough,
If my kids have all that they could,
If I am being all I can be.
My husband tells me I am a great mother,
Still, I sometimes have my doubts.
After all, who is a great mother is open to interpretation.
And some might disagree with me,
And the things I feel makes a mother a real mom,
But everyone has their own beliefs,
And parenthood in general is no different.
The one thing that makes me crazy is I see far too many mothers with extreme double standards.
Women feel that because we birthed our children that means they owe us;
That because of our labor of love that excuses whatever indiscretions we may commit in the future.
Reality is, birthing a child may be more physically strenuous than pretty much anything else we might endure,
But that in and of itself does not make you a Mom anymore than a man simply inserting his sperm makes him a Dad.
Our children did not ask to be born, and it was not their choices that lead to their conception, or ultimate arrival on the planet;
Therefore, they owe us nothing.
What makes a Mother a Mom is a matter of the heart.
My Mom is far from perfect, but I have never once doubted her love for me.
She gives of herself, her time and her affections freely.
She has fallen short, who hasn’t?
But at the end of the day no matter what happens,
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves me and that will never change.
Loving like that is the embodiment of my faith,
The concept that Jesus and God loves us unconditionally and forgives us no matter what or who we once were.
There is something so reassuring in knowing that exists,
And even more in seeing it lived out.
There is something so comforting in having love that you didn’t earn,
And don’t even deserve, but you have it anyway, always.

So here’s to the Real Mom’s out there:
The ones who set the standard for what Mothers should strive to be.
Here’s the Mom’s who pulled all nighters,
Wiping vomit from our mouths and nursing us back to health with soup and kisses.
Here’s to the Mom’s who cooked countless meals,
Washed endless dishes,
And cleaned mountains of laundry,
To make our homes feel welcoming and safe.
Here’s to the Mom’s who traded night clubs for nights in,
And alcohol for soft drinks.
Here’s to the Mom’s who went without,
So that we had everything we needed.
Here’s to the Mom’s who worked long and hard,
To give us a better future than her own.
Here’s to the Mom’s who put themselves last,
And us first, always.
Here’s to the Mom’s who dried our tears,
And chased away every nightmare.
Here’s to the Mom’s who taught us what grace is,
And how to live it through example.
Here’s to the Mom’s whose arms were always open,
Because forgiveness was more important than “I told you so.”
Here’s to the Mom’s who weren’t afraid to punish us,
Because without consequences we never would have learned to do good.
Here’s to the Mom’s who admired our sloppy artwork,
Our so so solo,
And cheered us on at every special event.
Here’s to the Mom’s who saw the silver lining,
And the beauty in every situation.
Here’s to the Mom’s who let us see their imperfections,
And helped us to learn from their mistakes.
Here’s to the Mom’s who challenged us to try harder,
Because she saw the potential hidden underneath.
Here’s to the Mom’s who never lost faith in us,
Even when we lost faith in ourselves.
Here’s to the Mom’s who taught us what love truly is,
And that unconditional is what it is meant to be.
Here’s to the Real Mom’s;
Whose love is never questioned,
Whose hearts are never closed,
Whose arms are always open.
From the depths of our souls
We Thank You.


2 Responses to “Real Moms”

  1. From a mother’s heart. Incredible how I read this and it serves as affirmation that you truly are the personification of a mother.

  2. domanmom Says:

    So beautiful. I am glad you are writing again. You always make me think, laugh, and cry! Love it.

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