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Turning The Page January 10, 2013

Filed under: Family,Growing Up,Inspirational,Life,Marriage,Parenting,Thoughts — faithfamilyfearlessness @ 9:32 am

I wanted to begin this post by saying thank you.
Over the last year and a half you all have been the most amazing group of readers,
And I cant thank you enough for your unwavering support, your feedback and your loyalty.
For those of you who follow my life on Twitter and Facebook, you may have seen me mention that I will be going to school beginning next week.
I am so excited for the beginning of this new journey in my life,
And with this big change I felt like a new blog only seemed appropriate.
Fresh starts all around, you know?
That being said, I hope that all of you will follow me to my brand new blog College Kid With Kids and share in my college experience combined with parenting, marriage and whatever else that life decides to throw at me.
This isn’t the end for my writing, not even close,
Just turning the page to start a new chapter,
One that I hope each and every one of you will be there for.


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